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The health resort town Dilijan surrounded by the Lesser Caucasus mountain-range lies to the north-eastern part of the Republic of Armenia, in the valley of the river Aghstev, at a height of 1100-1510 meters above sea level. It borders with the Bazums in the north-east, the Pambaks - in the west and south-west, the Murghuzes- in the east and the Areguns- in the south-east.

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During excavations in the prehistoric cemeteries of Golovino and Papanino near Dilijan, bronze items of almost three thousand years old were found, including armours, daggers, pitchers, ear-rings and others were found. All those items could be found either in Dilijan museum or in the Hermitage Museum. Dilijan has become an increasingly popular tourist sight thanks to the opening of many inns and cafes. Several new educational and financial projects are set to transform the city.

Public Transport to Dilijan

Take a marshrutni from the Bjhishkakan Hamalsaran (Medical University) on the corner of Abovyan and Korion to the upper Avtokayaran. From there you can take a marshrutni headed to Ijevan that will stop in Dilijan on the way.

Tourism and rest in Dilijan

Most visitors to Armenia spend all of their nights in Yerevan. Spending a night or two in Dilijan while exploring Tavush Marz is well worth it. There are plentiful accommodations in Dilijan, from the luxury of the Tufenkian Hotel to much more basic hotels or homes. From Dilijan you can explore up to the Georgian border and the remote Shamshadin region much more easily than from Yerevan, and then continue on to Lori Marz.

How to get in Dilijan

  • Minibus/Van - Take a van (marshrutni) from the Medical University (Pjhishkakan Hamalsaran) on the corner of Abovyan and Koriun to the upper Avtokayaran. From there you can take a marshrutni headed to Ijevan that will stop in Dilijan on the way.

  • Taxi - a taxi from Yerevan will cost approximately 10,000 dram ($33) one way with a standard meter price. You can probably negotiate a better rate, especially for round trip.

  • Day tour - many companies offer day tours from Yerevan, which include Dilijan, Haghartsin and Goshavank. They can be cheaper than taking a taxi, and depart in the morning on fixed days of the week.

In the city

Within town, for the most part, walking is quite easy. The tourist information office also has a few bicycles for rent if you'd like to go a bit further. If you need to get to some of the regional monasteries, your best bet is negotiating a package deal with the taxis. You can have to tourist information office help you translate and negotiate, as most of the drivers will not speak English. If a driver tries to change the price on you, absolutely refuse, and take the matter to the police if necessary.

Where to stay in Dilijan - Dilijan Hotels, Guest Houses and Rest Houses

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What to see in Dilijan?

What to buy in Dilijan?

Crafts on Sharambeyan Street. The old town street has some little shops where artisans are busy hand making their craft. Visit Revik to see his wood working studio, with some great traditional designs for everything from Christmas tree decorations to cribs. The tourist information office has additional information on local crafts purchases and local painters you can visit.

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